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The following copyright policy explains how individuals and groups are permitted to use my content. In particular the licences required for specific uses are explained. I reserve the right to change my copyright policy at any time by publishing an updated policy via my social media profiles (CM Illustrations @cm.illustrations1 and Media Memories @mediamemories1 on Facebook; @cm.illustrations._ and @mediamemories._  on Instagram). Any new copyright policy issued will take effect from the time of publication and will supersede all previous versions.  This version of the copyright policy and Terms and Conditions was published on 28th December 2021.

Description of Product

Digital copies are high quality PNG files that are sent to the customers email address they provided upon purchase. Prints, are printed with high quality photograph paper and inks. Prints are available in two sizes A4/ A3.

Target Dates and Dispatching the Product

If a commission is needed for a certain date this will need to be agreed in advance before payment is sent. The customer will be notified when their order has been dispatched either via social media or email. CM Illustrations can only provide a rough estimate for delivery and once it is posted, the length of time it takes to arrive is no longer CM Illustrations responsibility . If the product arrives damaged  please see the Returns, Refunds and Proofs section on this page. Standard 1st class postage is included in the price, tracked postage will incur extra costs. Prints are not available for posting outside of the UK, please contact CM Illustrations if you live outside the UK for more information on how to purchase a digital copy.

Payment Terms

All artwork must be paid in full before any artwork can be started. Payments can be made by bank transfer or Pay Pal. CM Illustrations may offer for the customer to pay in two instalments but reserves the right to withdraw this offer at anytime. The first payment would be the deposit and half of the total price of the commission. The deposit is non-refundable once the artwork has been started and the remaining payment would be required before proofing the artwork. No artwork will be sent digitally or via post unless full payment is received. 

What Does Copyright Mean?


Copyright grants creators exclusive rights to control their work and how it is used or sold. This means that CM Illustrations retains the right to exclude a person or group of persons from using my artwork without my permission. CM Illustrations also has the right to refuse to work with a person/s without reason.  Copyright protects original works, where original works are defined as those that require the creator use skill, labour, judgement and effort to create, and where the work does not resemble any other creator’s work.


All material published via my aforementioned social media profiles is protected by copyright law. Any content used should only be used in compliance with the terms set out below in the section titled “Licence for personal use”. Use of any works without permission will infringe my copyright and may result in personal or corporate liability. In the following sections of this document the permissions are described for each available licence. To use my work in any way outside of these conditions is to breach my permissions, will be considered a breach of contract and may violate copyright law.


Licence For Personal Use 


If you choose to purchase artwork under a personal  licence, you are bound by the following conditions.


When purchasing content with a personal licence, you may:


  • Physically display artwork in any area, public or private, that you see fit, on the condition that publicly displayed works are shown with accreditation to myself (the creator),

  • Use digital artwork as a background on any personal electronic device, including but not limited to mobile phones, laptops and tablets,

  • Post images of purchased artwork to social media on the condition that artwork is not used for promoting a business (or businesses), brand or club. For promotional purposes a business licence is more suitable. Attributing credit to me when posting images of artwork on social media is not required but is appreciated.


All other purposes are not permitted unless explicitly agreed with the creator in writing. 


If a purchaser is unclear as to how these terms apply to their purchase it is their responsibility to clarify this with the creator before purchase. 


Licence For Business Use


Business is designed for clubs, brands or businesses that would like to sell items with my artwork on them or would like to use my artwork for promotional purposes.


When purchasing content with a business licence, you may:


  • Use my artwork to promote your business, brand or club, whether on social media or elsewhere,

  • Sell objects with my artwork on them, including but not limited to mugs, clothing and key rings,

  • Use my artwork as a logo for your  business, brand, or club,

  • Assert your right as the owner of the artwork you have purchased. 


For purchases made under a business licence the copyright for the artwork purchased is transferred to the customer so they may use, distribute and profit from it as they see fit. 


General Conditions For Use


Unless artwork has been purchased under a business licence, editing, manipulating or otherwise altering artwork (including removing the creator’s logo or watermark) is not permitted. I (the creator) can make adjustments to purchased artwork. This can be arranged using any of the aforementioned social media accounts. Any editing, adjustment or manipulation of artwork purchased under a personal licence or displayed on my social media accounts will be considered a breach of copyright and may result in personal or legal liability. 


You may not use any images posted to my social media accounts without permission, with the exception of artwork purchased under a business licence.


I reserve the right to use images I have created on behalf of purchasers for self-promotion unless I have explicitly agreed to an alternative arrangement with a purchaser. Agreements can be made prior to purchasing via any aforementioned social media accounts. 


If a purchaser or another person publicly posts an image of my artwork to social media, I may share these images for promotional purposes. Any queries about this can be addressed to any aforementioned social media accounts.

All artwork purchased under general or personal use will come with a plain white or coloured background when requested by the purchaser. Transparent backgrounds are not available when purchasing for personal or general use but artwork and text can be added to backgrounds when requested at the time of purchase, these will need to be agreed to and may incur extra cost depending on style.

Data Protection 


CM Illustrations and Media Memories will need to collect the following information:

The clients name, email address and address. This information will only be used to send invoices if requested by the customer,  to deliver prints, gift certificates and merchandise. Any photograph/s that was sent for reference purposes will be deleted. Once the client has received their commission or order, records of email addresses and addresses will be deleted.


*if the commission/s is a gift, an image of the work will not be published on any social media platforms or this website until the gift has been received. 

Photograph Rights

The purchaser must own the reference photo that is provided, if not the purchaser must obtain permission from the person or photographer that owns the photo. CM Illustrations has the right to turn down the commission if a high quality photo cannot be provided, or if permission has not  been given.

Refunds, Returns and proofs 


Returns are not accepted unless the commission/ merchandise has been damaged prior to the client receiving it. The client must get in touch within 24 hours of receiving the commission/ merchandise. The cost of returning any damaged commission/s or merchandise is the responsibility of the client. 


If payment is made but the commission/s have not yet been started you are entitled to a full refund and all photographs and personal details will be deleted. 

If the commission has been started but not finished only 50% of the payment will be refunded and all photographs and personal details will be deleted. 


Proofs are sent once a commission was been completed for purchasers approval. This is the time to request any changes to the artwork. Once the purchaser is happy with the completed artwork, no further changes will be made to the artwork, i.e backgrounds, text, or subjects, once the final piece of artwork has been sent to the purchaser.

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