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Charlie Marie

Hey I'm Charlie and I'm an automotive artist based in the UK. I work with an IPad and Apple Pencil to create custom artwork of your pride and joys!


Driven by my love for the automotive industry, I have a huge passion for all vehicle's makes and models. I attend a lot of Car Shows up and down the country in my MK6 Fiesta ZS. I've grown up around cars so they have been a very important part of my life.

So it's safe to say cars are my obsession, in life and in my artwork.

In September of 2022 I had the opportunity to be featured in the Stance Auto Magazine if you 'd like to read my article please click here


view all my links here 

Owner of CM Illustrations, Charlie with her magazine feature.

I have always had a love of animals and I developed my love of cars when I was growing up and I used to attend car shows with my dad. I started drawing pets because of the loss of our family dog Sasha and she is the reason why I set up Media Memories first and I was asked to draw a family friends car and that’s how the idea of CM Illustrations started. In the beginning I was working with ink and graphite/coloured pencils onto paper. I found with practice I could take a photograph for reference and draw what saw to paper with surprising results. I switched to digital drawing when I was given an Apple iPad and Apple Pencil for Christmas one year and I was impressed at how much more detail and depth I could add to my drawings. ​​​​​​

Fast forward in time and I have been a self employed digital artist now since April of 2019. All my commissions are digitally hand drawn using my Apple iPad and Apple Pencil, I draw and add detail in exactly the same way (by hand) the only difference is my iPad is now my paper and my apple pencil can be what ever medium I choose. I travel to various car shows each year with my trade stand in the back of my Ford Fiesta MK6 ZS to promote my businesses, with the help of friends and family. My styles are still evolving and I spend many hours digitally drawing whether it is for work or practice pieces trying out new techniques/applications. My family often tell me I spend for too much time with my Apple pencil in my hand and I need to take more breaks but I just love to draw and what better things are there to draw than other people loves, your pets and your cars. 


I have been honoured to be asked to design logos for small brands and companies, designed bespoke decals for vehicles, even designed artwork for promotional purposes and sold my copyrights of commissions for merchandise. I have drawn most makes and models of vehicles and many different pets.  Thank you to all my past, present and hopefully new customers for supporting a small business and for keeping a dream a reality.

Charlie Marie x 
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