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Digital Pet Portrait Artist




Thank you for taking a look at Media Memories 

I’m a digital artist who loves to draw. 

Media Memories was inspired by our beautiful rescue dog, Sasha who is sadly no longer with us. I found that I was able to capture a memory of her in a portrait and it is something I will always cherish. I hope to capture a memory of your pet and present you with a portrait that you will cherish too.


Thank you to all my past, present and hopefully new customers for supporting a small business and for allowing me to revisit a cherished memory daily.



Charlie Marie x 

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Pet Portraits

Here are a few of my past commissions that I have created for some of my wonderful customers, of their amazing pets. Please contact me if you’d like more information on how to order, or if you have any questions about my work. Please click here to view my portfolio.

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Media Memories

digital pet portrait artist

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